• Driving background melody

  • A rare driver does not listen to music in the car. So a favorite radio station or CD becomes faithful satellites both in traffic jams and on a long road. You can download driving background melody on the alexmakesmusic.com website.

    In a study conducted by Israeli scientists from Ben Gurion University, novice teenage drivers 17-20 years old came into view. Young people prefer loud, energetic music - hip-hop, rap, rock, including driving.

    It turned out that in 98% of cases, a novice driver who enjoys his favorite music at full volume makes mistakes. Driving in silence slightly improved the situation (8% of trips were without violations), and when listening to calm lyrical compositions specially selected by the authors of the study, the number of errors decreased by 22% percent.

    Major Errors:

    • speeding,

    • non-compliance with the distance to the car ahead,

    • exit to the side of the road,

    • exit to the oncoming lane,

    • separation of hands from the steering wheel.

    Almost all drivers made at least three mistakes in one trip. In 32% of cases, instructors had to intervene, up to emergency braking and maneuvering, to avoid a serious emergency.

    Most drivers listen to music while driving. Young people aged 16 to 30 prefer pop, rock, hip-hop and rap at a rather high volume. And at the same time, they do not think that their brains are always switching attention from the process of driving to the perception of music.

    The authors of the study recommend that those who are going on a long road carefully compile a playlist and not rely on radio stations. Of course, according to personal preferences. And in the future, researchers dream, a smart player could appear that would select musical compositions depending on the mood of the driver.

    It is believed that the optimal volume of music for driving is from 55 to 65 Db, and the ideal pace should simulate the pace of beating the human heart - from 60 to 80 beats per minute.